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08/01/2019 | news

YOSHITOSHI: Kintaro cracking kagamimochi, titled Kura biraki, triptych, 1891

Happy New Year! (HIROSHIGE)

01/01/2019 | news

Happy New Year! Hara Shobo will be closed until January 7. Will be open on January 8.

HIROSHIGE: Yamashitacho, Hibiya, outside Sakurada Gate, from Meisho Edo hyakkei (One hundred views of famous places of Edo), 1857

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Year End (TANKEI snow scene)

30/12/2018 | news

HARA SHOBO will be closed from December 30 to January 7. Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.

TANKEI: Asakusa kinryuzan no zu (View of Kinryuzan, Asakusa), image of snow, from Setsugekka no uchi (Snow, moon and flowers), triptych, 1885

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YOSHITOSHI: Takanawa steam train

27/12/2018 | news

YOSHITOSHI: Takanawa tetsudo no zu (View of the train at Takanawa), triptych, 1871

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Fair at MATSUYA Dept. Store, Ginza

26/12/2018 | news

We are participating a book fair at MATSUYA Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Jan 16 -21, 2019

Our part in the associated catalogue is online.

Orders will be confirmed on Jan 15. If we receive more than one order to one lot, winner will be chosen by lottery. (not first-come-first served)

We look forward to receiving your orders.

Please excuse us for not being able to send paper catalogue to overseas cusomers as it is printed in Japanese only.

KAWASE HASUI Calendar 2019

01/11/2018 | news

KAWASE HASUI calendar 2019

New Acquisitions: OHARA KOSON

14/10/2018 | news

More birds & flower prints by OHARA KOSON were added to NEW ARRIVAL

New Arrival: OHARA KOSON

07/10/2018 | news

Birds, flowers, insects… Prints by Ohara Koson were added to New arrival.

New Acquisition: HIROSHIGE 100 views of Edo

04/09/2018 | news

Some Chirimen (creped) version of Hiroshige “100 views of Edo” were added to New Acquisitions

First state & Later state

04/08/2018 | news

HIROSHIGE: Hashiba Ferry and roof tile kilns at Sumida River, from Meisho Edo hyakkei (One hundred views of famous places of Edo), 1857

Left; First state / Right: Later state

Printer can print up to 2,000 copies. Earlier editions are called shozuri (first state). Such big differences. The first state on left is what Hiroshige meant to be. The later state on right is also quite good impression and condition, but first state is more crisp-clear, as if you are looking with well-focused eye glasses.



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